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Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by this itty-bitty corner of the Internet. I can’t promise regular posting (because…life), but I can promise they’ll be worth reading. The recipe for this space: a little piece of editing; a pinch of writing; a slice of authoring; a few drops of consulting; plus, a whole lot of love! 

Confused about whether you should be reading the blog? Well, this blog is for you if you’re:

  • Interested in the latest news (mostly about my recent professional endeavors).
  • Yearning to read about random topics in addition to industry-specific issues.
  • Searching for occasional, insightful interviews from other trendsetting professionals.
  • In need of a phenomenal freelance editor, writer, or consultant (*cough* I’m ready and available *cough*).
  • Just supporting me—because I’m that awesome!

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Tonya Abari