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Short, Sweet, and in third person

Tonya Abari is a former teacher turned editor, writer, and consultant. A National Endowment of the Humanities grant-funded award recipient and Language Matters facilitator, Tonya has given worldwide workshops and lectures on strategies for teaching the writings of Toni Morrison, Richard Wright, Margaret Walker, and other writers of color. She has recently written several essays, articles, and has contributed to a vast array of educational materials for children. Notable editorial projects include: editing for the U.S. Department of Labor's grant-funded Trade and Development reports on child labor and human trafficking; developmental editing across nationally-published curricular projects and assessments; and the U.S. Department of Education's Digest of Education Statistics. An alumna of the historic Baltimore City College High School and the University of Maryland at College Park, Abari now calls Nashville home. In addition to EFA and SCBWI membership, she is currently participating in the 12x12 picture book challenge. When Tonya isn't editing or writing, she can be found reading; visiting historic sites; attempting a handstand; or in and around town with her husband and daughter, both whose names also begin with "T." Not enough details? Read more here

In my own thoughts

Creative. Dreamer. Go-Getter. Current freelance editor, writer, and consultant. Lifelong educator; former classroom and traveling set teacher. Sprinkling editorial magic all over the place. Writer and advocate for children and teens. Authoring essays. Professional toddler wrangler. Ghostwriter. Doctoring words with care. Obsessed with ginger and fresh coconut. Aspiring green thumb. Historic landmark junkie. Responding to emails one nap at a time. A constant work in progress. One truth: laughter is the best medicine.

The More You Know...

  • I am a practicing minimalist. Beautiful moments mean more than material possessions.

  • For many years, I was both in marching and symphonic band. I played the French horn, but I really wanted to be a dancer.

  • I’ve appeared on a game show, a few talk shows, and a home-shopping network—all from an ever-growing bucket list.

  • Auditioned for Jeopardy. Thought I was a shoo-in, but didn’t make it past the initial audition round. #2020goals

  • Exchanged vows atop the Empire State Building in NYC on Valentine’s Day. It was breathtaking, probably because it was freezing.

  • Other careers I’d consider: psychologist, librarian, genealogist, archivist/historian, personal home chef, holistic wellness coach, public speaker, screenwriter, nonprofit director, doula, or astrophysicist (yup, I said astrophysicist).

  • I was the EIC of the Roland Park Middle School newspaper.

  • I’d rather read or listen to music than watch television, but Netflix…

  • There are no travel limitations for a book signing or a concert.

  • At one point, I was a part-time dance fitness instructor, appearing in several fitness DVDs. Where my multipotentialites at?

  • In elementary school, I participated and won several dramatic reading contests. Most of my selections came from Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.

  • With a broken ankle, I hobbled backstage to meet one of my favorite musicians just to discuss his forthcoming children’s book series.